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Vienna-Budapest-Prague Brussels-London

stayed at all Ibis Hotels and got a welcome drink in each of these decent beer oriented towns ; the best beer for my taste sera toujours en Belgique.
I had a great time not doing much on this trip but going to concerts at various churches in Prague including one in small room in the castle.
Moved to tears 3 or 4 times.
Too jet lagged in the beginning having flown from LAX to check the music scene in Vienna.
Made it to the British Museum for the first time and attended church at Westminster Cathedral.
Here are some photos:

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Great photos!! Thanks for sharing.

Did you take the train between Budapest and Prague?

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I took the train to both Budapest and Prague.
The Vienna to Budapest route stops at Keleti station (EuroCity trains) which is on the Pest side or at Kelenfold station (these are OBB trains which are nicer than the EuroCity) further from the center on the Buda side.
It is 2 hours 30 minutes more or less Vienna to Budapest and 4 easy hours Vienna to Prague. I recommend 1st class on both busy routes.
And keep your ticket handy as it will be checked twice once when you get on and then when you cross the border by a different conductor.
There are a lot of currency exchange con artists or hustlers on the streets of Prague. One it seems knew the train from Vienna was arriving and was waiting on the platform asking everyone if they wanted to change Euros to Czech Korunas. Also the ATMs only spit out large bills and these hustlers or cons seem to know and appear out of no where ask you if you need change.

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Thanks for sharing, I’m heading for Prague, Budapest and Vienna in Oct/Nov. loved the pics and videos. You must get out early before the crowds?

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Thanks for sharing the photos.

@HONESTGUIDE talks a lot about the money exchange issues in Prague on YouTube.