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Venice September 2015

First 2 Weeks of Sept 2015. We took the Alilaguna, Arancio Ferry Line from the Airport to the Guglie Stop. From there it was a short walk to Hotel Guerrini. We stayed at this Hotel 11 Yrs ago on our 1'st trip to Venice.

Day 1. Took the Vaporetto to San Marco. Got the combo tickets for Doge's Palace,and the Correr. Saw San Marco Church with the lights on. We missed our appointment for the Clock Tower, cause we didn't know we had to start at the Correr, so we did the San Marco Bell Tower instead. Walked back seeing Saint Zaccharia along the way. Had dinner in the Jewish Quarter.

Day 2. Did the Clock Tower Tour, then the Correr. Walked back to the Rialto, had a Chichetti lunch. Took a Traghetto across the Grand Canal,and went to the former Customs House. Walked back through the Dosodoro District. Found the first, of many, Vino refill stations.

Day 3 Train to Padova. Palazzo del Bo' and the Anatomy Theatre, saw where Galileo and Copernicus lectured. Lunch and Spritzes. Orto Botantic garden, then the Scrovengi Chapel.
Day 4. Spent the day on Vaporettos touring the outer Islands. Torcello, then Burano and Murano.

Day 5. Tried to get to Verona.. but a fire on the track cancelled all trains. Went to Doge's Palace instead. Wandered around till we got back to the hotel after stopping at many Vino Refill Stations.
Day 6. Walked all over the Santa Croce area. Then we watched the Regatta.
Day 7. Train to Ravenna to see the 5th Century Churches and Mosaics.

Day 8. We did our exploring individually. I looked at boats, and found a Gondola repair shop and the water taxi repair shop. Got to talk to the Locals about Boats.
Day 9. Train to Verona. Saw the House of Juliet, Basilica San Zeno Maggiore and the Roman Arena.
Day 10. More individual exploration. I went to the Arsenale via the North/East side of the island – where you get to walk along the Arsenale wall on a suspended path. Learned that lemoncello mixed with Shwepps Lemon tonic water makes a fine drink!

Day 11 Train to Vicenza. Could'nt figure out how to take the Bus to the Rotunda or how to get tickets. Found out you pay on the bus. Only knowing the general direction, we waited at a bus stop. Asked the next driver about the Rotunda. He waved us in, “I'll take care of You.” He stopped at the right place, told us to be across the street at a certian time. We got off but were still confused. He pointed to the right direction as we walked. We saw the Rotunda and nearby Palace of the Dwarfs. Got back at the Bus Stop at the appointed time, and it was the same driver. “See. I take Care of You!” He dropped us off at the train station. We had a spritz across from the train station out doors. 1/2 hr later we see OUR bus driver go by, and we both applauded as he gave us a great big wave back. We trained back and took an evening Gondola ride through Santa Croce. The Gondola Service is directly across the Grand Canal from the train station. We opted for the long ride. It was wonderful: It was Perfect. This is the best place and time to do a Gondola ride.

Day 12. I went to Lido beach, collected shells and swam in the mediteranian. We met back at the hotel and started packing. Evening Stroll to San Marco for dinner on the Piazza.
Day 13. Early Flight out. We took the #5 bus to Marco Polo WOW! What a trip this was! This was the Perfect Itinerary for a 2'nd visit.

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