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Varenna Ferry Organic Soap Stand

In August 2019 I was at the Varenna Ferry Terminal on Lake Como and right nearby was a woman with a small standing selling organic soaps, lip balms, etc. This was the best lip balm I have ever used in my entire life and I need to find her online so I can buy more.

If anyone knows what I'm talking about, any info is appreciated!


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I don't know of her, but I know that ferry and now I want to go back for more reasons than just to see Lake Como again! Thanks for the tip.

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You might have better luck contacting the hotel nearest the ferry dock (Hotel Olivedo) and see if they know who the soap vendor might have been.

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Maybe a long-shot, but did you try exploring the area around the terminal using street view in Google Maps?

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That's her website! Thank you so much! The best products I have ever used. Here's to hoping she ships internationally?