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Using Siri in Venice

OK I’m currently in Venice, trip report to follow when I get back. But I just had to share this: I encountered several people using Siri on iPhone to navigate Venice yesterday evening. I know this because they were using it on speaker phone (nice). I am somewhat incredulous that it works that well here. My gut reaction was that this was pretty funny but it wrings the fun out of things. Getting lost is part of the point. I have my Streetwise laminated map and am not tempted to navigate with the aid of technology. Not citiciing those who do but just very amused by this.

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Sometimes, after happily wandering around "lost" for a few hours, you just want to get to your destination.

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Not sure how using Siri is any different than using a map ( paper or offline Google) except that one gives audio directions rather than visual. I think that if they wanted to "get lost", they wouldn't have asked for directions. I've spent hours and hours "lost" in Venice over the years. But there comes a point when you just want to get to where you are going.

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Getting 'lost' in Venice is half the fun of being there. After all, as Rick says it is an island. You can't get too lost on a small finite piece of land.

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But you can get lost enough to need Siri's help. Not that I'd know, I'm a Streetwise map fan.

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Map person, too -- but when dusk is approaching and you're getting tired, directions are comforting.

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I wish they would just use earphones. Not a big fan of listening to what anyone is doing on their phone over speakers. Otherwise to each his or her own.

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I am with you on the earphones! Don't really want to hear other peoe's narrations, directions, or conversations. Map reading skills are disappearing but I have to say Google Maps saved us driving in Normandy this week. At least made it easier!

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Getting lost and relaxing and enjoying the moment has it place but I agree sometimes it is time to get where you are going. Yea, the part with the headphones is essential. Just like talking on your phone in a closed in environment. (Pet peeve of mine).