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Using four-wheel bag as a cane

I still walk on my own without a cane but with a bad knee. I use my four-wheel bag as a cane while waiting in the security lines and when transferring long distances at airports. At those times it is a godsend.

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Nan, I too have a bad knee (MCL damage and osteoarthritis), but if I needed a cane, I'd use a cane. Spending my whole trip lugging around an overly-heavy four wheel-bag doesn't seem to me like a good solution to the problem.

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I'm glad that's working for you, although I'd worry about the stability. You don't want to lean on it and have it shoot away from you.

The nice thing about a cane is that people will give you a little space and consideration. I used one for a few weeks after both knee replacements. Even after I stopped using it, I'd get it out if I was going to be in crowded areas.

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I don't use a cane but have been with my Mom & husband (crutches) going through the airport, people will see that you have an issue and will try to help. For example, take you to the front of the line, get you a chair, offer an elevator as opposed to escalators. I have asked for assistance in long airport change overs for both of them, it can be a huge help, both did not want it at first but were glad I forced it on them. If you are using the bag as a cane, you are using it for something it was not meant to do, admit you may need some additional help and ask for it. It is not the end of the world and will beat the pain and embarrassment of falling on the floor when the bag gives out. :)