Dear all, I'm planning to travel to New York for 5 days and i'm italian citzen living in the UK. My passport expires in September and i want to travel to the US on the last week of August, back on the 29/08. Is there any problems as my passport will be about to expire or can i go as long as the passport is valid?
Many thanks!

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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Arthur, this part of the Helpline is really for trip reports after you have traveled. You might get more attention if you posted it in the General Europe part of the Helpline instead, which is for questions. I don't know the answer to your question, but my gut feeling is that it is too short a time to expiration. Hopefully, someone else can give you better information.

Posted by Charlie
Honolulu/Seattle, HI/WA, USA
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I would suggest you go talk to the local US Embassy in London as this question has real legal implications that may not be advisable to answer on this web site.

Posted by Arthur
London, United kingdom
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Thanks guys! Will contact the us embassy to make sure!
Appreciate your help!