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US student with new Schengen VISA to study in Spain

Is anyone else trying to get to Madrid from the US to study? This is my first trip as a foreign student. I'm concerned about
connecting flight in Paris CDG; will they let me pass?

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If you do have a Student Visa for Spain, then you should be allowed to travel to Spain via Paris CDG under the new EU directives. See page 7 and 10 (line x):

(b) third-country nationals who are long-term residents under the Long-term Residence
Directive persons deriving their right to reside from other EU Directives or national
law or who hold national long-term visas, as well as their respective family members.

Annex II
Specific categories of travellers with an essential function or need:
i. Healthcare professionals, health researchers, and elderly care professionals;
ii. Frontier workers;
iii. Seasonal workers in agriculture;
iv. Transport personnel;
v. Diplomats, staff of international organisations and people invited by international
organisations whose physical presence is required for the well-functioning of these
organisations, military personnel and humanitarian aid workers and civil protection
personnel in the exercise of their functions;
vi. Passengers in transit;
vii. Passengers travelling for imperative family reasons;
viii. Seafarers
ix. Persons in need of international protection or for other humanitarian reasons
x. Third-country nationals travelling for the purpose of study;
xi. Highly qualified third-country workers if their employment is necessary from an
economic perspective and the work cannot be postponed or performed abroad.

PS: Best to double check with your study abroad program too ;-)


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As the information above indicates, you will be fine. I would re-verify with the program you are studying with or the university you will be at, but if they say it is on, your good. Keep tabs on things, you never know, they could go back on lockdown.

Also, probably does not apply, but happens on here a lot, your Student Visa lets you in... Mom, Dad, or significant other would not be, so if they were thinking of a couple weeks in Spain with you, probably won't happen.