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Upcoming Travel to Prague, Germany, Paris. Info re: refugee load on transportation, etc,

We will be doing a river boat cruise from Prague thru Germany ending up in Paris and need to make decisions regarding whether we go to Prague early. Curious as to what people are seeing regarding refugees and also Covid status in those countries. Thanks for the info.

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Refugees are not impacting transportation in the areas you will visit. You won’t even notice them in Prague.

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I'm in Budapest now and at first the train station was a mess until they shifted the full extent of processing to a point closer to the border, now it looks normal; based on Emily's observations in Prague something similar must be going on in the Czech Republic.

That and the fact the refugees are being quickly taken in and assimilated does make the impact less than negligible.

I was walking up Andrassy ut with a family of Ukrainians the other day, I looked around and realized that as unobvious (a word?) as we were that the street could have been half Ukrainian and we wouldn't have been able to tell.

Also, keep in mind that tourism is good right now, but still below the average for this time of year, so there is room in the infrastructure to support everyone.