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Ukraine - Kolomiya

From Ivano-Frankivsk we took another bumpy-bus to Kolomiya which town has the famous pysanky museum. More eggs than you thought imaginable. It was about a thirty minute saunter to the hotel. This town is also a southern Carpathian town and Ukranian nationalism is strong here. We stopped in at a bibliotek and found it was the school district main office building. The infomatics instructor for the district spoke English and made arrangements for us to meet her the next day. She took us to a grade 1-12 school for a visit and besides touring the school and meeting the principal we visited two English language classes. This school teaches English and/or German from grade 1. The conversations we had with the students were interesting an quite lively. My wife had done som family history and found a village in the area where a grandmother came from. We had the hotel find a driver and went out to find some family members still lived there after about a hundred years. It was like we dropped out of the sky. They showed us around to the church where the grandmother was baptised, the old cemetary and the site where the original family house stood. The next day some of the relatives came back into Kolomiya and we had dinner. Kolomyia is a nice relaxing place to spend two or three days looking around. Oh, we found an antique store and my wife bought a few things which we packed and sent home through the post office. Getting that done was an interesting experience. I asked on of the ladies if she would stamp my passport with the stamped she stamped everything else with. "No", and we all laughed. The hotel didn't have WiFi but a cafe across the square did so we had coffee and beer, not at the some time of day, there while corresponding. After three nights we were on our way to Chernivitsi.

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