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UK Trip 4: Consecutive BritRail

BRITRAIL: LOVED just looking up train time online and jumping on train. No standing in line unless we wanted to reserve seats. Bank holiday to Cardiff was good we had reservations. Guards (conductor) barely ever looked at our tickets. Caledonian Sleeper cost us an additional supplement about 80 pounds, but we would've had to buy a hotel room for that much or more anyway, so overnighting from London-Inverness and back saved alot of time. Recommend BRITAIN BY BRITRAIL: really made our trip work. No doubt i'll think of more clues to why this was such a great way to travel, but for the moment those are the large strokes.
Lastly: next year we plan to go back to UK and possibly some of the continent for 8 weeks. Looks like vagabonding is in our blood.

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