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UK Trip 3: 60-yr. old backpackers

BACKPACKING: We are a mature couple looking at retirement in a few years and we lived 6-wks with 2 outfits, more or less. Used compression bags to pack clothes, washed in sink, only ironed what we were about to wear. We accumulated then mailed purchases home. Trick we learned is to get 9 ml stuff sacks in different colors and organize hard-stuff into routine color. Sacks help keep things from knocking around inside pack, & are an instant cue to what is inside. We are SO glad we didn't have wheeled suitcases. In fact we had Rick Steves backpacks. Next year we'll take PacSafe mesh to put over one daypack in order to lock up laptop, kindles, and valuables in room. (you lock it to something stationary in room) Even hotels that advertised safes in room didn't always have working safes.

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