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UK Sept 20-Oct 4. A special deal for you my friend!

Well Well Back in the old USA boys! Where do I begin to tell the tale of our trip? Was it with the 422 roundabouts between Bath and Stonehenge? or maybe the Russian dude at Europcar who made me the "special deal" on our giant white Mercedes Benz SUV (White Whale), so perfectly designed for nearly nonexistent highways in Wales and Scotland. ( though I will admit the White Wale could really take a punch)
Actually once one gets past the horror of driving 900 miles on these so called roads, the trip was amazing. Highlights too many to mention but heres a few...Stonehenge really worth it, Amazing Bath and its beautiful gardens and buildings (and best breakfast ever at the Ayrlington hotel). Conwy Wales and beautiful Beaumaris. Terrific castles and shops and amazing food at the Erkskine Arms. The English Lake District, terrifying bus rides, and an etched into memory hike around Lake Buttermere. Oban Scotland with steak and ale pies at Markie Dans, Ferry ride to the historic and haunting islands of Mull and Iona, and our special meal at Eu-uuf ( or something like that-Norse word for fish). Glasgow has must see Kelvingrove museum and incredible street murals. And a pretty handy launderette the Majestic, next to a wonderful pub Ben Nevis. Last a quick stop in London, worlds greatest pub called Scarsdale-ask the semi drunk guy at Hansome cab for directions. DO NOT ask semi-drunks in Glasgow for directions-better to go to the fish and chip shop. And in London I would avoid the hodge podge of nothingness called Kensington Gardens. Miles of well-not much. Terrible lines at Heathrow and wonderful service and food on Virgin Atlantic. I would do it all over in a heartbeat, well with someone else driving perhaps! Cheers!

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Mike! Delighted that you had such a great trip!

LOL "the White Whale" 🤣
Equally delighted that you haven't lost your sense of humor!

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That was a great read for a Sunday. Loved your report.

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Do you have details on your travel to the Isles of Mull and Iona? We are planning on doing that (and maybe Staffa), but aren't sure if there is a "tour" or do we just need to line it all up ourselves.