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UK + France Travel Restrictions for US Citizens

I’m wondering if any US citizens have traveled to the UK and then to France under the current Covid-19 restrictions?
My question is, do the country restrictions as a result of coronavirus in France pertain to nationality, or the physical location of the person? For example, if a US citizen has been physically in the UK for 14 days, would they then be permitted to travel to France?

It’s a bit unclear and I’m hearing mixed information from various consulates.
Does anyone have insight or experience with this?

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If you travel to the UK from the US it’s mandatory that you have to quarantine for 14 days before you are allowed to start your vacation in U.K. All EU countries (which includes France) has a band on Americans entering their countries.

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do the country restrictions as a result of coronavirus in France pertain to nationality, or the physical location of the person?

Neither and both.

France will allow in American citizens** who are LEGALLY RESIDENT in another EU or EEA country plus the UK** for leisure travel.

Anyonearriving from America into France whether French or anything else must, as of August 1, submit to Covid-19 testing upon arrival before they will be allowed to enter. But the only Americans entering anyway are those who are legally resident in France or who meet one of the other exemptions. In other words, not tourist/leisure travelers.

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I am an American who lives in the UK, and I called the French Embassy in London about the issue of traveling into France on an American passport. They said I could do it as long as I provided proof of UK residency. So I think that if you don't have official residency in the UK (and have proof of it), then you would be bared from entering France on a US passport. I would recommend calling the French Embassy in London if you have further questions. I got an answer straight away. Cheers.

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Due to the high number of CCTV cameras in England and especially London, and their advanced use of distant biometric scanning, you are in fact, being watched like a hawk and any violation of policy can result in a lifelong ban from the UK, with the exception of Wales for some reason.

No, you're not being watched that closely but it doesn't matter, entering a country during a global pandemic with the intention of violating their laws so you can have a pint is ugly american behavior at it's peak. Don't consider it.

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Well, Sarah, you may have convinced Vince. Apparently he deleted his post here, plus another thread (where I had replied) he had started himself asking the same question. I would think if the webmaster had deleted it, yours would have been gone also. :)