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UK and Paris Football tour 2015

My son and I just finished a week long trip to England and France (Paris only) and managed to see 4 football matches during the course of a 7 day trip. I know this sort of trip isnt for everyone but for those of you who are interested, below are some tips. I have done this two years in a row and have seen some great matches.
1. For the club you REALLY want to see, it may help to advance purchase a fan package as this opens you up for ticket purchase after season tickets are sold. Helpful for the very top clubs but not always a must.
2. The resale market for football tickets is not as easy as it is in the US but it is still possible. Each club typically has a single resale market that they use, either viagogo or stubhub uk.
3. Some mid to large clubs never sell out their matches. I was able to see Tottenham v Manchester CIty for the price of an American football game ticket. PSG was also easy to book.
4. Arsenal fans have a ticket resale twitter page. Really easy to use. You just connect with the seller via twitter, meet them before the match and go in together.
5. Sometimes the hospitality package is worth it. If you really want to see a match, dont fret and just spend the money to enjoy a once in a lifetime game experience. Typically, this will run you about 120 GBP or more.
6. Easiest to organize a trip of this type during european qualifier game weeks or once the FA cup starts. Premier League also has 4 to 6 scheduled mid week games in Nov, Dec, Jan and then in Spring. This would allow you to see a match on Sat and Tue for example.
7. Try to get in a smaller club. Lots of local feel and tickets always available.

Thanks for reading. I have really enjoyed my trips to watch great football. It may seem daunting to do on your own but the price of an organized trip was at least twice what I paid doing it myself. If you have individual questions, please drop me a line and I can give you other specifics.

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Congratulations on your trip. As a supporter of a mid size, currently successful Premier League club, we are beginning to become accustomed to seeing football tourists.
I agree that you should support the home club. Indeed in England supporters in the top four divisions are segregated following crowd disturbances and disasters (not necessarily the same thing as the infamous Hillsborough inquest is revealing) in the 1980s.
One thing that annoys or irritates old style supporters like me is people taking photographs, selfies and the like which disrespectful to the event. Try to blend in as much as possible. Just enjoy the game!
It is much like people photographing paintings in a gallery rather than using their own eyes.
If you repeat the trip watch a game or two outside capital cities. Come for instance to Southampton, Liverpool or Newcastle for a more authentic experience.