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Two weeks in Egypt

We just returned from a wonderful two week tour of Egypt that was made possible by Djed Egypt travels. In the beginning I was a little leery of dealing with an Egyptian company from the states, but thanks to the internet and the wonderful people at Djed, those worries were quickly set aside. We started with their classic tour, making a few modifications right from the beginning such as adding a day in Alexandria (something I highly recommend). We followed their recommendations for hotels which were all excellent, offering a variety of experiences. Four nights in one of their Dahabiyas on the Nile were a highlight of the tour. On the boat, the food was wonderful and too plentiful.

In all we had six different guides (Hedar, Dena, Ali, Saladin, Irene and Mena)on our tour. All were certified Egyptologists, who love their work. All were highly articulate and enthusiastic. They know the visited sites so that we avoided the huge crowds. We have a series of photos we call the ‘horde’ which are photos of a huge number of people arriving at the site as we were leaving. They brought the ancient world alive. We learned so much about ancient and current day Egypt. In addition, we had many drivers who made us feel safe in the most outrageous traffic we have ever experienced. I have no idea why they are not all nervous wrecks at the end of the day.

A special shout-out must go to Tarek, our Cairo tour manager who coordinated all aspects of our tour. He arranged modifications to our tour after we arrived in Cairo allowing us to visit the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilizations (something we highly recommend). And he was able to arrange all the tests needed to return home.

In summary, we highly recommend Djed. They offer an easily arranged, personalized tour of Egypt

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So glad you enjoyed your trip with Djed. I have traveled with them twice, and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

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allenga, thank you so much for your trip report! Your photos especially are so much fun to scroll through! What a wonderful album! I appreciate also your recommendation to travel with Djed Egypt. I have a two week trip planned with them in January ... originally I was going to travel alone, but as of now have three friends joining me! The Djed representative that I am working with, Mohamed Nasser, has been very responsive and easy to work with, fine-tuning our schedule as the trip grows closer. I'll report back after my travels but can only hope that we have as magnificent an experience as you did. Again, thank you!