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Trip report Sorrento from a first timer

So we had an early flight to Naples from Venice so the host of our Air B&B arranged a water taxi to the airport. The taxi was on time and we were off. We flew easy jet from Venice to Naples. It was very easy and we had plenty of time for breakfast in the airport which was really good. The flight was quick and we had a driver pick us up at the airport to take us to our hotel in Sorrento. The driver was not so good and my daughter got really car sick; Hence the reason we took the train going back instead of having a driver take us to the Naples train station. .We stayed at Sorrento Dream Resort and it was amazing. Even better than the pictures on line. This place just opened in 2018. They only have 6 suites and you feel like part of the family. The breakfast was amazing each morning. Anyway, the first day we just walked around. It was pretty crazy in the town with the cars and scooters zooming all over especially after Venice. I was not expecting that. The views were stunning though. The next day we took Mondo Tours Rick Steves shared Capri day. It was wonderful. The guides were so much fun. We had a great day on Capri. We even rode the chairlift in Ana Capri. We came back and walked to town for dinner. We found the best restaurant and returned again it was so good. The next day was calling for rain so our tour to hike path of God’s was cancelled. We woke up and it was sunny so we did our own little hike to Regina Jovannah Beach. It was so beautiful, we climbed the rocks, visited the fresh water pool and walked to the bar at the end and had cappuccino near the water. It was an amazing day. Next day was Pompeii and again we took the Mondo shared tour. This was our first experience with the train and it was fine. We booked the express and were given seats; however, the people in those seats would not move and I didn’t want to cause a scene so we just stood. Again my daughter gets motion sick so really the only reason we wanted seats and took the express. This was our only rude experience. It was a 2 hour tour and it was perfect for us. This place is huge and very crowded. Our guide was fantastic. We headed back and had lunch. We went to the local store and bought some meats, cheeses, bread, grapes and olives and made our own little dinner in our room. We finished each night off my sitting in the hot Tub. Our final day we took another shared Mondo tour and did Positano, Amalfi and Ravello. Our driver was so good. He was an awesome driver and maneuvered around those turns like a pro. He knew my daughter wasn’t feeling so good with the turns so he went slow and kept checking on her. We enjoyed this tour very much. Our favorite was Positano. We came back and went to dinner and called it a night. We took the Campania express train to the main train station in Napoli and arrived today in Rome. We will be here for 2 nights and then heading home. I will give a report on that next.
Overall Sorrento really grew on me and we really loved it. I was worried about taking trains but really nothing to worry about, it was very easy and pretty much self explanatory. I did not encounter any sketchy people in the train station. Again, I never felt unsafe at any time. Pretty much everyone spoke English so no issues there. Food was amazing and desserts and pastries were the best I ever had. Looking forward to Rome and heading home bc I am homesick. My husband and boys are not with me so I miss them terrribly.

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Thanks, jrandanell.

We booked a Mondo tour of Pompeii some years ago, but it was cancelled at the last minute because not enough people showed up. But the guide spent about 45 minutes with those of us who did come, giving us an overview of the area, including the history of the eruption, and suggesting the best route for us to follow. A definite class act. Should we ever be in the area again, we will definitely take a Mondo tour.

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Sounds like a wonderful time except for the motion sickness. YUK!

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Another nice report. I did the morning easyJet flight from Venice to Naples, too, during a 2015 trip through Italy and found it a good way to make the journey. I also took a water taxi to the airport. It was pretty fun to ride through the canals early in the morning before much was happening.