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Trip report Rome from a first timer

So this is my final segment. We arrived by train to Rome. It was freezing and raining. We had an evening Colesseum Tour booked. Even though the weather was bad this tour was amazing. We had the place to ourselves. I highly recommend the evening tour. The next day was absolutely beautiful. Sun was shinning and weather was perfect. We walked around the entire day. We visited so many sights. I have to say I loved the Trevi Fountain. It was beautiful. We even went back at night so I could see it with the lights on. I didn’t think I was going to like Rome but I think it was my favorite and I am not a city person but I think Rome is what I imagined Italy to be.

Final thoughts and tips for any newbies.

I bought a travelon bag and it was perfect. I got the messenger bag and it fit my umbrella and even a raincoat. It locks but is still easy to get in and out of. It was perfect and safe. I did buy a money belt but only wore when traveling from city to city.

People said to bring toilet paper so I did but I never came across one “toilet” without paper.

Travel was very simple from place to place. Don’t stress about trains and or flying.

When you go to a cafe they charge more when you sit and drink your cappuccino.

Definitely should have bought warmer clothes. It was unseasonably cold and I was not prepared.

When dining, waiter will not bring you a check you have to ask for it. They feel it’s rude to bring the check. I didn’t know this lol.

Well that’s all I can think of. Thanks again to everyone on this forum that helped me plan this trip. It was a blast.

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Thanks for writing this and I am happy you loved Rome, my former home! Unseasonal cold is tough to plan for. We always pack gloves and can at least layer a couple of long sleeved shirts under our rain jackets, but sometimes that isn’t enough as was the case for us in France earlier this month. Sometimes you just have to bear up and enjoy as best you can and it sounds like you did so!

I thought Rick’s book talked about prices for sitting being higher than for standing and that he also mentions the custom of the check. I’ll have to look back when I get a chance to see, but it sounds like you learned your lessons with good attitude.

Where’s the next trip?

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Sounds like a great, planned trip for a newbie. Now you will be hooked so welcome aboard.

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Glad you loved Rome! We went for the first time last May and unexpectedly loved it too. It was not on my list of places to go but I really wanted to see the Sistine Chapel and St Peter's, so when we planned a 20th anniversary trip to Tuscany last year, we decided to fly into Rome and see the Vatican. We only planned one day for Rome (the day we landed from the West Coast!) and then half a day for the Vatican before driving to Tuscany. Although it was a short amount of time, we saw everything we wanted to, including a tour of the Colosseum. Rome is lovely and charming. The Trevi Fountain was so romantic. :)