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Trip Report - France

We just returned from a 12-day trip from France.  Leading up to it I peppered this forum with many questions.  The responses were always insightful, thoughtful and generous.  We greatly benefited from it. This trip report is paying it forward — my thanks.  Here you will find our impressions, our opinions. Hope you find them of use during your trip.  The observations below are from an American’s viewpoint)

As European countries go, France is pretty large.  Given our time & monetary budget we picked and chose what we wanted to cover over 12 days.  One thing we learned from prior trips was to not make it a check-list-trip. Assume that there will be another trip in future.  Even if there won’t. That will help linger and actually enjoy the places you visit. Our trip included Paris, Rouen, Honfleur, Bayeux, Normandy, St. Malo, Dinard, Mont St. Michel, Dinan, Loire Valley.

Since the entire trip report exceeds the length limits of this forum I have split it into

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Thank you so much for taking the time to post so much good advice. I loved your comment on driving the Place de l’étoile roundabout!