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Trip Report: Burgundy and Paris

Hi folks,
Been awhile, huh? Our trip report was too long to meet this forum's guidelines, so there is a link below, to the full version on Lonely Planet's 'Thorn Tree' forum. I placed it there in the France section, bien sur, but also in the General Chat. Hope it helps. Happy to advise. Enjoy.

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Loved it , so hilarious too!!! Shame it couldn't be posted here !

Thanks for link!

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Oh ha ha! This was really informative and entertaining! Who are you, Peter Mayle? I gave this article the supreme compliment of putting it in my "Pocket" reading app, because it was so informative. It has made me want to know more about this region, too.

Are you Canadian who is bi-lingual French/English? What an advantage to travelling in this wonderful area. Loved your report. Thanks a lot!

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Informative and entertaining! I wish I'd known about the viewpoint outside Beaune. Now I'll have to go back.....

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Great report. Thanks for the laughs. Glad you had a bon journee.

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Merci tous.
Sign on edge of private vineyard, with motif of a guard dog beside the (french) words:
'I can reach the fence in 5 seconds. And you?'

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When you do a trip report here, break it into installments and you can post it first as a topic, then as replies.

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When I tried the link, LP said "Sorry, you don't seem to have permission to access that"

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Happened to me, too, Chani! Help. please gregglamarsh? Sounds like a trip report I'd love to read!