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Trip report: 3 weeks in Scandinavia in July 2022

Recently back from an epic tour through the Nordic countries, and I blogged daily while traveling. We traveled through Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Iceland, getting around by plane, train and cruise ship/ferry. With Rick Steves' excellent tips and our own travel savvy, we avoided all of the travel woes that are making headlines this summer!

Take a look at the words and pictures if you're so inclined!

(Note that there are Wordpress ads on the site, but I don't make any money from them.)

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Mike, both your photography and writing are great! Since I like to travel in a similar style, bookmarking this!

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Thanks for sharing your vacation, wonderful report and pictures.

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This is fantastic! What a wonderful trip report. Thank you for putting this together and for sharing your resources such as the google planning document. I used a google sheet on a recent overseas trip with separate tabs for each trip portion with information, links, etc. I also had a "Covid" tab in case we needed to access testing or medical care.

P.S. Regarding your question on international phone charges, we have Verizon. It is $10/day but you are only charged if you use cellular during a 24-hour period. I don't believe there is a cap on fees like you had. I used wifi-only many days, but it was nice to have cellular easily available if needed.

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Hi everyone, thanks for the comments, and I’m glad you enjoyed my trip reports.

I get much more enjoyment out of gathering and sharing my daily thoughts and photos in this manner than posting on social media. It also makes for a nice publication to look back on over the years and help me relive those moments.

Happy travels!

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The waters surrounding Stockholm (itself composed of many islands) are
actually a lake, not the sea

Half true, the western part is a lake, the eastern part is the sea. It's pretty easy to see the border between them if you know where to look.

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I enjoyed your travel report. Your daughter is so cute. She reminds me of my blonde 10 year old grand-daughter. She is also “all legs and attitude”. I loved her poses. Your photography was beautiful. Great trip!