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Travelling with an IPad

WIFI - I travelled in England with an IPad and loved it. However, I found that many hotels that advertise free WIFI actually have very weak signals which I found most frustrating. Data roaming - before leaving the states, I bought a 300 mb data package from AT&T as a backup to WIFI on the IPad. Was told that it would "just work" on arrival. Wrong. To make it work, I would have had to activate data roaming, which I was afraid to do, having heard the horror stories of gargantuan bills. Have since been assured that with this package, I was safe using data roaming and that I would not have exceeded the 300 mb that I bought, assuming that I exercised reasonable care. Would have been nice but I lived without it. Booking hotels using Kayak - I found this very convenient but learned the hard way that when Kayak says "room only" you don't get breakfast included. I should have gone to the hotel's website and booked that way. Happy electronic travelling. Don

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