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Touring Italy and Who Should We See?

My wife and I just completed a successful trip to Milan, Florence and Italy; successful because we saw an awful lot in just two weeks with much thanks to the itineraries provided in the Rick Steves guidebooks. We did not follow them slavishly but they provided a core that we could work with to customise our schedule. It was the first time we have used the RG resources but will do so again.

As an aside: we were in a restaurant one afternoon, overlooking the Ponte Vecchio,, and who should come in but the man himself, Rick Steves, guidebook in hand to which he looked to be adding notes. I wanted to go up and express my thanks but bowed to my wife and daughter's argument not to intrude, a decision I regretted but vowed to make up for by using this forum to express my gratitude to him. RG walks the talk as, I am sure, I am far from being the first to discover.

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Your wife and daughters were exactly correct. Fame and fortune is all well and fine, but I’m sure he appreciates the 2 or 3 minutes per day that he slips by without being swarmed with admirers. Even fame gets old after a while.

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I didn't realize he had remarried. With that said, a friend of mine was in the Louvre in Paris looking at a painting when his son noticed that Joe Montana was there, next to them. The boy wanted to engage, but dad wisely gave Joe the space he no doubt deserved.

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Agree with you wife and you wisely listened, HA! I believe your lovely note here is the best thanks that RS would ask for! Sounds like a great trip, too!

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I admire your restraint about talking to Rick. I'm pretty sure I'd want to at least take 30 seconds to tell him how much I've learned from his books, TV show, and website. I'd have to try real hard to not ask him for a picture with me!

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A few years ago I was passing thought the Omaha airport when I sat down right across from him. He was very absorbed in reading/editing a document that I am guessing was a script. After we landed I lost sight of him in the Denver airport. Thought maybe he might be doing something with the local PBS stations in Denver but nothing showed up in the next few weeks or so.

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Yes, on engaging with famous people, it's a one-sided affair. You know Rick because you have seen him drinking innumerable glasses of wine in fun restaurants. He doesn't know you. I've seen one or two famous people, and restrain myself from talking to them, since I have little to say that they might find interesting.

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Good job with the restraint and listening to the women in your life. That is a point for you!