Tour reviews 2014

Where are the tour reviews for 2014 particuarly for spain in 8 days.....

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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Go to the specific tour. Under the brief description are links to more info, one of which is "Reviews."

The reviews are brief excerpts from the last 1/2 year or so. They are almost all glowing. FWIW that's probably indicative of the overall satisfaction level. However, it doesn't help much in decision-making. It may be useful to ask on the Spain forum for responses from people who've been on the tour in the past couple of years. Then you can PM to ask more.

Posted by kate
Rick Steves' Europe
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Hi there! Yup, Chiani is right. Click the "reviews" header on the tour you're interested in to see all the reviews.

It's true that we have changed the questions we ask our tour members for various reasons, and we're not showing all the responses to all the questions because many of them are for our own internal purposes now. Unless a tour member has specifically asked not to have their review posted, all reviews that we receive are posted and un-edited (for the most part. We do edit out full names of other people on the tour, and we edit if there's inappropriate language, but that's it).

Hope this helps!

Posted by Gini
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WHERE are the tour reviews, again? When you say 'go to the specific tour' do you mean in the Travel Forum or on the website where the actual tours are listed with descriptions?

Posted by Debra
Celina, TX, USA
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Go to the "Our Tours" tab and click on it. A list of countries will be generated, ie: Eastern Europe, England, Ireland, and Scotland, etc. Select the country interested in, in your case, Spain. Then a list of specific tours will be populated. There you will find you the Best of Spain in 14 days tour, there is no 8 day tour of Spain. Next, select a tour and the populated list will include the headings for What's Included, Itinerary, Reviews. Weather, and Pre Tour. This is were you will find trip reviews for the tour. Unfortunately, it looks as though none of the reviews, for any of the RS tours have been updated since June.

Posted by Eileen
Texan in CA
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Patricia, if the My Way Alpine Tour doesn't do it for you, I suggest picketing outside the 'Rick Steves' Europe' building, throwing poor-quality gelato at the windows, marching around wearing your money belt on the outside of your clothing, speaking extremely loudly in English, all while dragging waaaay too much luggage.

That'll show him.


Posted by Ann
Staten Island, New York,USA
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Eileen: People ask simple questions and do not want to read mean spirited answers. People go on this site to read what other intelligent people's advice are. They do not want to read comments from others that do not pertain to the questions being asked, nor do they want to read mean, terrible things. If you don't like the answers, don't respond, simple as that. Oh it was only a joke, well keep your poor jokes to yourself, no one wants to read your poor joke responses. How old are you, grow up.

Posted by Norma
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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ann, I totally disagree with everything in your post. Eileen's exuberant and humourous posts are fun to read. By the way, if you want everyone to stick to answering the question asked by a poster and not make comments or give unasked for advice, where's the fun in that? Oh, wait, you don't want fun, you want straight, serious answers, with no funny business. Well, good luck with that .... ain't gonna happen.

Posted by Ann
Staten Island, New York,USA
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Norma: I found your response funny.

Posted by Eileen
Texan in CA
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My point was...that in Rick's world, packing heavy and poor money belt habits are waaaay worse than pitchforks and torches. These are the kinds of things to make his eyes bleed (figuratively, of course) and 'force' him to offer a My Way GAS Tour just for Patricia. I can't promise that tactic will work (!), but perhaps Patricia might call or email their Tour Department and see if there are any definite plans one way or the other on this particular tour. Itineraries do come and go in RS' tour offerings, though...

And in case emoticons are new to some posters and lurkers, ' ;-) ' is a 'winky smiley face'. That means the poster is joking, not serious, making a pun, or any manner of being light-hearted. It definitely means 'not serious', or at least 'not mean-spirited' - One can say something serious AND smile at the same time.

Holly, I hope you found the Tour 'Reviews' - such as they are (sigh).