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Tour Reunion 2023

Has there been an announcement of the dates for the next
Tour Reunion?

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Not seen anything.
Given the store is still open only on Saturdays, my guess is a Tour Reunion, will not happen until 2024.

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Hi all,

We know many of you folks look forward to the Tour Alum Reunion that we host here in Edmonds each year in January.
It certainly is one of the highlights for our company when you all come back to celebrate your tours, see your former tourmates and get together with your guide. It is a lot of fun.
As you know we have not been able to have them these last couple of years.
And, at this point, there is no information that has come down from management regarding if one will occur this January.
So, unfortunately, I can't offer any guidance in regard to whether we will or will not have something this year.
But we will keep everyone posted when a decision is made.
We hope that at some point in the future we will all be able to gather again and celebrate traveling to Europe with all our wonderful tour members.

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I've been on two tours, so I guess I qualify to go now! Grin I have never been to the Pacific Northwest - perhaps if the reunion is held in 2024, I'd go; I'll have my 3rd RSE tour behind me by then.

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I've been on three RSE tours; I just finished the Best of England in early August. Had a fantastic time! Would love to go to a tour reunion! I've never been to one of those, but they sound like a lot of fun.
Hope to see them return soon!

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Oh, gosh, it sounds like the idea of the Reunion hasn’t been totally dismissed for Jan ‘23! I would certainly plan to be there to celebrate the two tours I took this summer and with any luck, bring my family along to meet the guides and gather information for our planned Adriatic tour happening next May. I haven’t missed many of these fun times since taking my first ETTBD tour in 2005.

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Would love to see it happen but as we enter mid October without an announcement I am doubtful for it happening in January 2023.

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Not the reunion, but a definite step forward in having large meetings in Edmonds. Rick is hosting a travel night on November 5th the Auditorium at the Center for the Arts. The first session filled up quickly and and another session was added. If these are successful, it will show that large meetings can take place in Edmonds again. The capacity of the auditorium is 700. Progress!

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Hope that goes well and they can get back to having the reunions.

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The latest On the Road with Rick Steves Tours had the following update:

“We'll be celebrating our annual tour festival (as we have until Covid hit) this January. But, rather than in person, we’ll be doing it online with 22 nightly events from January 9 -30. Put that on your calendar as each evening will be a 75-minute celebration of a European destination featuring different itineraries with our tour guides sharing photos, insights, and stories.”

Hoping it will return to in person in 2024.

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Wow! Thanks for this post, I will mark my calendar for January 9-30, for virtual events.
And, will hope to make the trek to Edmonds in 2024 for the in-person reunion.