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Tour of Sicily - June 2023

First off, we could not have had a more engaging and knowledgeable guide. Virginia was kind, always professional, and care-taking in a way that earned her the moniker 'Mama.' The schedule and excursions were top notch with specialists in every field.

The negative side was that we attended this season's final Sicily, and there were days over 100 degrees. We had a couple days of heat sickness, and my son suffered a heat stroke one of the days. We sat out a lot of the offerings, because the heat made it unhealthy for us. There were no alternate options to avoid the ongoing risk.

I think we would have been best-suited to go earlier in the season, and that's on us. We chose what we could based on the school schedule. I feel like we missed so much, like half of what we hoped to do, though we thoroughly enjoyed all we could.

For full enjoyment of all the Sicily tour has to offer, I wouldn't recommend the last-of-season tours in Sicily unless you truly enjoy desert heat. Trapani, Syracusa, and Catania were wonderful. Taormina was a total loss due to the weather and topography, though beautiful.

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I am so sorry that the heat interfered so much with your enjoyment of your trip. We went earlier--early May-- to avoid this scenario but had unseasonably cold weather and lots of rain. All I am saying is that the weather has been a devil this year.

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I'm sorry this was your experience. I struggle with heat, as well. Unfortunately, I've come to the conclusion that weather is more erratic than ever and such a crap shoot. We were in Sicily a couple years ago and we did April into May. Much of the time it was colder than average. We live in Minnesota and were looking forward to warm weather. Much of the time, the Twin Cities of Minnesota was warmer than Sicily. That said, I do chilly much better than sweltering.