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tour guides in Greece

We started out our month long trip in Greece with a guided tour of the National Archeological Museum. Our guide was FAYE Georgiou and she was excellent! She gave us a tour and a talking to that was a class in art history and an introduction to all the archeological sites and museums we visited. She had an enormous amount of knowledge and great communication skills and was opinionated in a stimulating way. A guided tour is good send off.

At Knossos we had a guided tour with Rena Athanasiou and she was also excellent. An archeological site can look like a lot of old rocks; she brought it to life. It is so worth it to have a guide!
Another woman that guided us is Roula Kristake at Dolphin Hellas, a travel agency, 16, Syngrou Av, Athens. She helped us do what we wanted very efficiently and without undue expense. She also helped us through the ferry strike while we were stranded in Iraklio. It is a great place to be stranded especially, if you stay at the Irini Hotel.

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