Toledo Cathedral: April 2013

Visited the Toledo (Spain) Cathedral yesterday and was distressed to discover that the Sacristy (the room that Rick calls "a mini-Prado") was closed for restoration. There was no warning of this before paying for admission, either. Which is not to say that I wouldn't have gone, but I might have not been SO disappointed. Many of the works of art that are normally housed there are scattered throughout the cathedral, but they are not easily viewed since they are located in the various chapels behind iron gates that cast shadows across them, in poor light, or worse, are hung at angles and distances almost impossible for viewing. And the most important work, El Greco's "Christ Being Stripped of his Garments," is not on view at all. The Cathedral is amazing, so I'm not trying to discourage people from visiting, but a little truth in advertising is due here. There is no sign about how long the Sacristy is closed; we just got the news when we tried to enter the closed door. We think it's closed another 6 months, based on our poor Spanish comprehension. The gift shop is full of images of the famous painting on such items as mouse pads and notebooks.

Posted by Eileen
Texan in CA
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This problem of finding things closed, moved, on loan to another institution, covered in scaffolding, etc., can be such a source of disappointment :-( And, a crapshoot. I feel your pain. I decided long ago to go the other route of low expectations - if the 'thing' I want to see is actually on display, I'm ecstatic LOL!

Posted by roland
somerset, WI, United States
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I travel on Eileen's note-a day at a time-seet what I can-I was in Toled a few days ago-just walked the streets enjoyed the city settings.days before in Cordoba saw a horse show-comletlely by chance but grear sunny day which there have been few of lately in Portugal and Spain-torrential rainn wasshed out bridges etc.

Posted by Ruth
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I agree, just wandering the streets in these beautiful and unique cities and towns can be great and enough reason to travel. Today I read that the Louvre is closed because guards are striking over pick pocket gangs. Now that's monumental disappointment for an art lover.

Posted by Eileen
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The 'Louvre thing' is a great reminder to see the things you really want to see ASAP when you arrive in a town. If the employees are striking, or there's a water leak, you have another day or so to try and work it in. An addendum: When you see 'that thing' that you really want to buy, but you'll just pick it up on the way back/tomorrow/in the next town ('cause you've seen them e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.)...Buy.It.Now!!! That shop WILL be closed tomorrow (no matter what the sign says), it won't be in the next town, you'll take a different route back to your hotel after dinner, etc. Buy.It.Now!

Posted by Sherry
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If it's any consolation, lighting in the sacristy is also quite low, so you may have had as good a view of many of the paintings. During my stay in Toledo a few years ago, I went back at various times of day to get a better glimpse of paintings in the shadows on a previous visit.