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The bare-as--d Scotsman, 2010

2010, the Royal Mile in Edinburgh on a weekend. There were street performers raising money for all kinds of charities. Now, those of you who have been to Scotland have seen the picture of a Scotsman lifting his kilt to show the lion tatoo on his right butt cheek. You see him on coasters, placemats and that kind of thing. We met him that day. He had several signs including one referring to the Wallace Clan. He was in full Highland costume with a blue face. Well, my wife is a member of a made up organization called the Wallace Clan Society or something like that. She went over and told him, and imagine about a hundred tourists around watching him yelling and waving his claymore. He hands one to my wife, and I have a photo of them both waving swords around and yelling at me. He had to push some tourists back while he dealt with us. It turns out he is a history teacher and when I told him my Bachelor's was in history the conversation got real chummy. As he finished with us and my wife was walking back to where I was he said, "Have you ever seen this?" and whipped up his kilt to show the crowd his big tatoo. A fun time was had by all.

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Monte, That sounds a bit more "polite" than a photo I saw not too long ago. In the photo, one of the Scottish Regiments were having a photo taken with the Queen. The Officer seated next to her had his "naughty bits" in plain view! Only in Scotland.....

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Ken, That photo is available online. I've found it several times and sent it on to others.

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And all along I thought the crown jewels were in the Tower.

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Ah...that never gets old. And you'll never convince me he doesn't know exactly how that photo will turn out ;-)