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ten days in Paris

Our first trip to Europe since 2019--Paris was great. I would advise travelers to arrive at the airport EARLY as the lines were very long. Be sure you have your passport, COVID test results---within 72 hours--there were people who literally were 74 hours prior and had to get out of line. There is also a form for international travel to fill out---do that ahead of time. Be the end of thel flight there were more lines to wait in to "check in". Everything but the Eiffel Tower was open. I would recommend reservations for all of the major sites....certainly not as crowded as normal but it's nice not to have to be in line all the time. Stores and restaurants were all open and happy to see us! Most venues required masks and most people wore even outside. It was easy to receive our COVID test prior to returning home....most pharmacies offer them with results in 15 minutes----but a lot of them are closed on Sunday. Enjoy your trip....happy trails!

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Most venues required masks

Indeed, masks are still required in all situations inside in France (unless you’re in your own home or lodging!). They are no longer required in most situations outside — but still are required outside if, for example, you are standing in a queue or you are at a market, or other situations where you can't socially distance.

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Thanks for the “on the ground” report and tips! Looking forward to our trip next month. To clarify, the US entry requirement is a negative test within 3 days not 72 hours, which is intentionally flexible.

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That's my understanding too, negative within three days, i.e. if you fly Sunday (final flight to US) your test (specimen collection) has to be on Thursday or later.