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suitcase wheels in Venice?

I remember hearing, in the winter, that Venice was going to "outlaw" rolling suitcases because they made too much noise on the cobbles! Did this ever happen or was it an April Fool's joke? I will be going there in about 2 months and am curious. Thanks!!

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It never happened. If you search back through old threads you will find a long discussion on the ins and outs.

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According to what I read, the discussion was around wheeled dollies or delivery carts. I think an English paper report lost a little in the translation and suggested it was any wheel luggage, etc. The wheel luggage is still OK.

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It was never going to happen. It was a totally spurious report by a "journalist" who did not translate the Italian properly. The proposal was to ban wheeled vendor's carts, which are a lot heavier than suitcases and damage the paving stones.
That ban may still happen, but nobody is proposing to ban wheeled suitcases.

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and where did you hear this, Frank II? If you start rumours people will believe them.

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For certain, Frank ll, some will take you seriously.

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I guess you're right........I first tried to modify them but if you have to explain a joke then it's a waste of time and ruins the humor. So I removed them.

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I was in Venice earlier this months on. RS tour, shepherded by Alfio. We all shelled our luggage for about 10 minutes to and fro.
Pam from Bath