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Suggestions for early October Trip

My husband and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and are having difficulty deciding on where to go. The problem is that there are so many places we want to visit! The possibilities we're considering are southern Spain, Portugal, Croatia & Slovenia, Southern Italy / Sicily and southern Germany but are open to other options. Our preference is to focus more on local life as opposed to the traditional popular tourist attractions.

I am looking for suggestions on people's opinions on best places to visit in early October.

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Everyone has their preferences so I imagine you will get all sorts of suggestions. So I might as well through in my preference.

October is the perfect time of year to be in Central Europe; and the best of Central Europe is Budapest. It's not hot, the evenings can be a tiny bit cool, the outside cafes are all open day and night. You will almost always find me there the first week in October.

A quick tour:
Just cause I like it:

Fortunately Budapest isnt buried in tourist yet. Well outside of District V at least. A little like Paris where the tourist sites are spread fairly broadly over a fascinating city fabric; the places in-between can be the most amazing. The "real" Budapest. Sounds like what you are looking for. Better than Paris, public transportation is for the most part above ground on classic (and a few new) yellow trams. While the person in the seat is going to work, you are enjoying your "tour bus" with huge windows so you miss nothing. And with a cheap Travel Card you can hop on and hop off at your hearts desire.

Because you want to meet the culture, stay in District VI within a block or two of Andrassy ut. Andrassy ut is the Champ De Elysees of Budapest and the historic millennium metro line runs down the center of it (M1) taking you from the river at one end to the City Park and Bath House at the other. Along the way are Tram connections to reach every corner of the city.

To get more local, rent a short term apartment. Shop at the local grocery, drink at the corner wine bar and say good morning to your neighbors, Take a cooking class, go to a service at the local synagogue (being Jewish not required), go to a theater full of locals (as opposed to tourists), ride the bus and get lost, go to a jazz club, …...!Ai7Zk-szxfTJhetCiVLDEf1GfYSX4Q

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Ahhhhhhhhhhh, TEN DAYS!

Get an open jaw, US to Podgorica and Budapest to US. Delta worked for us.
Fly to Podgorica and spend a few days in Budva and Stari Bar on the Adriatic. Few tourists, beautiful scenery in this fortified old town; maybe an overnight trip to the mountains. Montenegro is very inexpensive. Then Podgorica to Budapest on Wizzair for about $65 (1.5 hour flight).

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S. Italy is my vote. Start in Naples and get a feel for local life wherever u are in Naples. It is chaotic, beautiful, gritty, old, high energy but not to be missed. Then proceed south by ferry bost to sorrento, Amalfi, positano, or Ravello for your anniversary celebration day The views, ambiance and the oh so italian amore.
U say not touristy but Capri is simply stunning.
I could go on as it is one of my favorite places in the world.

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Both options sound great! Which is why we haven't yet decided as it all sounds great but we can't do everything.....this trip! Diveloonie - my husband has been to Paris, England and Dublin but I have never been to Europe.

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I love Paris!! That would give you a taste of some of the best of Western Europe with your husband being able to share his favvorite parts with you. Men love that stuff. Then, as luck would have it, Budapest is non-stop about $200 away; where the two of you could explore something new together.