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Staying in Naples

Had visited Naples on day trips twice, I wanted to stay in Naples this time. But I also wanted to experience Naples. I know the Spanish Quarter is not somewhere Rick Steves recommends a hotel, but had found good reviews about Hotel Toledo, a short distance off the main shopping street of Via Toledo. Totally enjoyed staying there and immersing myself into the Spainish Quarter. Never felt threatened or worried about the area where very little if any English is spoken. My hotel recommended Da Nennella for lunch and again with no English spoken was like attending a show at the theatre with very good home cooking food. Only reason to be careful is crossing the narrow streets in the area. Have to watch out for vespas coming each way and biggest problem is one Vespa trying to pass another one. Like being in the middle of a motocross race and trying to cross the track. Totally enjoyed staying in the area with easy access to the Toledo metro station.

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