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St. Augustine and Orlando December 2020

Florida Trip Report

Flew from Dallas to Orlando on American Airlines on the 10th of December. The airport was surprisingly busy, but far from full. The flight was a sell out so every seat was occupied; this despite multiple flights to Orlando that day. Boarding could have been done a bit better I think, but masks were 100% in compliance. We got a bag with a candy bar, bottle of water and disinfectant wipe upon entering the plane. No real service beyond picking up trash.

The Orlando airport was also surprisingly full.

Drove from Orlando to St. Augustine. The Old Town was beautifully lit up for the holidays. Everything was open, the tourist were there in number, but not excessively so. The bar and restaurants were open with limited capacity and appeared to be keeping near normal hours (I left the bar at midnight, no idea how late it stayed open). Shops were in full gear and everyone was having a good time. The attempts to keep distances even on the sidewalks was evident and mask wearing was near 100%; even outside.

I was impressed with St. Augustine. Reminded me of New Orleans, but much cleaner. Similar architecture, good food, lots of interesting shops, etc. But missing the sidewalk rat traps so common in New Orleans. Very excellent weekend getaway, especially this time of year.

After a few days we returned to Orlando and spend a day at Universal Studios theme park. Tickets were limited to maintain the limited attendance. Perfect time to go to a place like this as the lines were shorter than otherwise. All the lines were spaced 6 feet, and the rides were boarded in a way to ensure spacing. Throughout the park were people in costumes whose only job was to ensure spacing and masks. Compliance was very, very good.

Flight home was similar to the flight there.

All in all good, comfortable trip.

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Thanks for the report. We haven’t been to St. Augustine for awhile. It is a lovely city. Glad you were able to get away, even if it was just a few days. I know a few people who have been going to Disney figuring the kids can do some remote work and no big crowds. Soon James, soon. We are planning a Christmas trip to Croatia in 2021. Hope it happens for us and everyone else.