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spreadsheet comparing 12 day Switzerland passes

I'm sure someone has already done the work of doing a spreadsheet comparing a typical 12 day route including high mountain trains. Swiss pass, vs. 1/2 fare pass, vs Berner Oberland pass+1/2 fare or point to point. It seems like an overwhelming task. I mostly want to concentrate on BO, Zermatt and panorama trips

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Lots of folks here have, but every trip is individual, and it's just SO complicated. For the Swiss Travel Pass, some mountains are included, like Mt Rigi outside Lucerne, and some are only 25-50% discounted. In addition, there's the weather factor to consider. Also, I learned here that if you have the Flexible Pass, and you use it for a discount, that counts as a day's use. We HOPE to be there in the fall, 14 days on the ground, and I've just decided the 15 day Consecutive Pass will be best. It's not much more money than the 8-Day Flex Pass, and gives us much more freedom to change if weather or mood permits. Also, we will be using some boat rides and lifts not in our original plans because they are covered , [ Mt. Stanserhorn outside Lucerne, and boat trip on Lake Thun, on our way to Bern.] This will only enhance our experiences. [I think you could go mad calculating all the options.] has an extensive 10-page list
"Area of Validity of the Swiss Travel Pass" which is the most comprehensive list I've seen regarding what's covered. A wonderful OP here posted the link.
Safe and wonderful travels!

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I do a new spreadsheet for every trip based on what we plan to do. The Berner Oberland Reguonal Pass always pencils out positive for us as we usually spend a week or two there. Sometime the half-fare card makes sense, and once, when we had 3 full weeks in Switzerland staying in 3 locations (two outside of the BO) a Swiss Travel Pass made sense. So each trip is unique and every year there are some changes on what is included especially in the STP. No way to avoid the work but LMK in a PM if you want me to send you a spreadsheet sample.

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I looked at it as a two part question:

Part 1: Am I planning to do enough things that are covered by the Swiss Travel Pass? For that, you really have to look at the list of things that are covered, even if you don’t want to price them all out. Will you be using the transportation (trains, trams, buses, boats, certain cable cars) a lot? Are you going to multiple places? Visiting any of the museums, castles, etc? Or are you planning to stay in a few areas and do lots of walking/hiking?

Part 2: Do you value convenience or cost more? For me, this is my first trip out of the US and my sister has some health issues, so the convenience and flexibility of the Swiss Travel Pass was a big factor. If buying individual tickets for everything is no big deal, then convenience might not be a big factor.

So, get an idea of what you plan to do. I have heard many say that the half price card works well for them, so I would at least think about that.

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I bought the 15 day pass even though I'll only use it for 12 days because at 25% off when bought in July it was still cheaper. But the ability to hop on and off of public transport without buying a ticket each time is worth its weight in gold even if I ended up paying a few bucks more.