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Spain & Portugal Itinerary Part 2

Day 11-14 (3 nights) – Salema, Portugal Cash only (E60/nt). Breakfast included Went to Seville bus station when we arrived and bought 2 bus tickets on Damas (cash only, E20 each). Seville to Salema - Bus leaves at 7:30am and takes 5 hrs to arrive at Lagos, Portugal. No bathroom on bus, but is air conditioned and comfortable. Makes stops at other stations along the way to use bathroom. Taxi to Salema (about 15 minutes E20) The travel time was worth coming here. Most restaurants were cash only and there is no ATM close by. Day 14-16 (2 nights) – Lisbon, Portugal Breakfast included (E165/nt) Train from Lagos to Lisbon with a transfer in Tunes. Recommend business class. There are many stations in Lisbon area. Double check which one is the closest to your hotel; we went too far. Day 16-17 (1 night) – Paris, France (E165/nt). Catch the airport train into Paris. Hotel is connected to airport terminal via their trains. (E20 each way per person) about 40 minutes Be ready for a price shock - Paris is much more expensive that Spain/Port (E5 glass coke) Day 17-18 – Travel If you fly Business, check out the new Air France airport lounge! Suggestions: Be savvy with air miles and save to fly Business class for extra comfort and to help by-pass long lines at airports (check-in, security, customs) Have your addresses written down to show taxi driver where you are going. Many didn't speak English. Know key terms such as "check please", "how much" and your normal drink. We are married and went by ourselves, but renting a 2 bedroom apt at the beginning and middle of our trip helped us to catch up on sleep and clean our clothes. For easy traveling, pack smart and only bring 1 backpack each.

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