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South Africa

Don't see any information regarding a trip to South Africa, but thought I'd put a question out there anyway. Does anyone know what currency I will need what shots I will need and the timing of those shots, any other tips. Anything at all will be helpful I'm sure.
Connie W

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We were in South Africa and Botswana a couple of years ago. Have you checked the CDC's website? It is usually helpful in determining needed shots. I recall being required to have yellow fever and you may need to take malaria meds, depending on your destination. We loved CapeTown! Beautiful city. Also, we spent a couple of days in the Winelands and really enjoyed the winery visits. We had a driver/guide for the visits. I am sure a travel agent can identify such a person or perhaps the hotel concierge. Have a wonderful trip!

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Here are the CDC recommendations:

Hepatitis A requires shots spaced 6 months (or more) apart. Typhoid can be a shot or pills. We took the pills before our recent trip to Patagonia and had no ill effects. The rest (malaria, yellow fever, Hepatitis B) should be evaluated with respect to your risk level. Perhaps your primary medical provider has a travel nurse who can advise you personally?

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Yellow fever is required by some countries but only if you are coming from a country that has yellow fever. If you are coming from the US or western Europe, you won't need it. You won't need malaria unless there malaria is NOW present in South Africa or the city you are visiting. If you aren't going into wild jungle or staying in a large city (where all diseases are more prevalent than out in the
country) you wont need malaria pills (Larium gives some people hallucinations). Hep A is always a good idea...get gamma globulin (I think two doses are needed). Typhoid is always a good idea. Pills need to be refrigerated and take in stages but they last
five years. Shots much easier but last only two years or so. ALWAYS check with CDC and also google various health agencies of foreign countries or American medical sources in foreign countries. The spread of Zika, chickungunya, west Nile, and worst of all
DENGUE FEVER is serious! Don't go NEAR any city or country where dengue is present now. This is most of Latin America and
Asia. Check its status in Africa and of course South Africa (which we visited in 2000....gorgeous country, and its flowers and
plants are indigenous and unique..the west Cape has its own floristic kingdom, and the karoo is fascinating. Try to go when it is
their spring and you will get flowers AND birds. Animals up north of course.

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Currency is South African Rand (ZAR). Check for current exchange rates. I've heard South Africa is fantastic....definately on my list of places to visit. Enjoy!

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Rand is currency and have a look on South Africa visitor website they will have all the info you need

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The local public health districts in Washington State have a travel nurse/immunization clinic that will not only "look up" what you need for travel to different countries, but provide helpful information as well. I found this an invaluable resource as I prepared to go to Rwanda last year. I am assuming that other states must have something similar.