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Slight disappointment in Bay of Kotor

A month ago, my wife and I returned from 5 weeks in central Europe, our fourth trip of a lifetime. Have the time was on the Eastern Europe ETBD tour, which I highly recommend. On later personal time, we stayed four nights in Dubrovnik, with a day trip by bus into Montenegro. I think my expectations were too high for the scenery. We've been to Bryce Canyon in Utah this year, and prior years saw Canadian Rockies around Jasper Park, the cliffs and coastline of Kauai, Hawaii, the Alps around Gimmelwald, and a couple fine stops in China. Any of these might also get votes for belonging on a bucket list. Once I stopped looking for something fantastic/fabulous/gorgeousest and began taking in what was there, it was a nice visit. The town of Kotor, itself, was definitely worth the stop, along with scenes farther down the coast. It was a long 10 hour bus ride that day, and for sure on the recommend list for anyone with a free day and no big plans. (Montenegro uses the euro, in case you're wondering.)

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thanks for posting, I haven't done the Eastern Europeon RS tour, but it looks interesting , so good to know , I personally would not enjoy a ten hour bus trip unless the end of if held someplace pretty fantastic!
We do have some amazing natural sites here in North America, so I have kept my expectations in check when in Europe for that, but must admit I still loved the Swiss Alps , ( but can't say the Rockies are less spectacular, they are just missing the chalets and flowered window boxes!)

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Sometimes I think it's all in the expectations. We went to the Bay of Kotor on the spur of the moment from Dubrovnik. We had never heard of it and had no idea what to expect ... we were just looking for an outing. When we reached that island in the middle of the bay (where the Lady of the Rocks church is), it was a perfect sunny day, and it struck us as one of the prettiest places we've ever seen. And we've seen a lot, too. Maybe we should all stop writing about the scenery we see, and let others "discover" these places for themselves!