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Siena and Transportation between Siena and Assisi

Siena - I have discovered if you arrive early (before noon) one day, then you only need to book one night and travel late afternoon the next day. In this time frame, you can "do" the whole town with little trouble. We booked two nights. It's really one night too much for us. If you book two nights, try to day trip to the countryside. Unfortunately, we didn't check this option out soon enough to benefit from a day trip.
Transportation Siena to Assisi. No good train routes. Lots of changes and lots of time. Bus Company called Sena has only two times available - around 1 pm and 5:30 pm. Unfortunate for us, the first bus was fully booked. So we have to take the late bus. Moral of the story; book with Sena early for the first bus. The day before is too late.

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