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Sharing Vacation Pictures

Sorry if I am getting off topic or hyjacking, but another great way to report on a trip is through pictures! I love looking at other people's vacation pictures, especialy to places I have been so I can see it through someone else's perspective. Or places I am planning to visit so I can get an idea of what to expect. A "Vacation Pictures" board might generate a lot of interest and it's not really driving people away (I don't think). Almost everyone has a Flickr or Picasa album they would like to share with others... I sure do! Just a thought :)

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I agree! Whenever I read good info about a restaurant or hotel recommendation, I wish there were pictures that I could look at. Also, I like sharing my travel photos with others for exactly the reason Simone stated.

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I agree 100%, pictures are worth a 1000 words. Good idea!

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I wonder if being able to upload photos to this site wouldn't tax the site's capacity. Alternately, you could just paste the site address of your Flickr photo sets - like these: Italy - Paris - Bruges, Belgium - Amsterdam -

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Robert, love the application of HDR in your photos! Really nice!

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Robert - I just looked at your photos from Italy and they are magnificent!!!!! You must be a professional photographer.............I felt like I was in Italy.

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Wow!!! Robert, that was pretty darn amazing and great to view. Thank you for sharing these. The early morning scenes with the calm waters and peaceful streets are especially pleasing.