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Semana Santa in Valladolid, Spain - what's next?

We arrived in Valladolid late yesterday and so far have seen multiple processions of the brotherhoods, been serenaded by a brass band from just after midnight until 2am, seen men on horses, heard the sermon of the seven words, listened to a bishop for close to an hour, and now the barricades have been rearranged in Plaza Mayor. What's next we wonder?

And our fears about going hungry on Good Friday have been assuaged by ham on baguettes and ice cream readily available within 2 minutes walk.

It's all been pretty laid back with lots of drumming, bored kids swinging incense holders, brass bands of varying degrees of proficiency, a half hearted commitment to bare feet by the brotherhoods, and some skilful manoeuvring of very large old wooden statues on carnival floats. And after this morning's action a sort of church open day has been happening where all the chapels/churches are open and there are old priests selling merchandise including little cloaked figurines that look like chess pieces.

It's nothing like an Aussie Easter (not a chocolate egg or bunny in sight) and we are so glad we could fit this once in a lifetime experience into our trip.

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What? How can they think that Easter is a religious holiday with no homage to the bunny?