Seeing Olympic Sites in London

If you have an interest in seeing the Olympic Park in London before the games, the best view is from the top floor of the John Lewis department store in the shopping center at the Stratford Tube station. You can also get all your Olympic gear and pins here. The "View Tube" as mentioned in Rick Steve's England guide book is no longer open. Found that out the hard way =P

Posted by Michael
Sacramento, CA, USA
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I too spent some time to get out to the "View Tube", but was disappointed it was closed on May 19th and will remain closed. I missed it by 4 days. As Janice mentioned there are some views from the Westfield mall at Stratford Station. Additionally, if you travel to Stratford by train like I did, my zone 1 and 2 daily pass did not cover the Stratford stop, it's one stop beyond zone 2. Found out the hard way.

Posted by Erminio
La Habra, CA, US
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Exactly. Take the tube to the Stratford station. If you have an Oyster card, you don't have to worry about zones. The station lets you out across a foot bridge across from the Stratford Shopping Center. Make you way to the John Lewis Department Store. Go to the top floor (Olympic paraphernalia department). There are benches that allow viewing of the Olympic Stadium, the Orbit, and the Aquadics Center. When we went, it was a beautiful spring day and we got spectacular views of the high rises back at the City and the new ones in the Docklands. While there you can also purchase all the Olympics stuff you want. It goes without saying don't follow Ricks instructions in his London book. Don't go to the West Ham station.