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Scotland - Eilean Donan Castle

Rick Steves gave this castle site only one triangle. Perhaps when he was there, there weren't the docents that we encountered. The Great Hall there served as a chapel and a court, as well as a dining hall. There were many fascinating displays of mementos, etc., some from Bonnie Prince Charlie. We learned where the saying "the walls have ears" came from. The kitchen display, despite the mannequins, was quite interesting and if one took time to meander through the kitchen, as well as other small rooms with informative wall displays, one clearly got a good sense of how it was to live there, and learned about the family to whom it belonged.
I definitely think it deserves two (and yes, perhaps even three) triangles, Mr. Steves! Please revisit! :)

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I also enjoyed my stop at Eilean Donan. I managed to get there before the large crowds from tour buses, though, so that made it more enjoyable. It has become quite a popular tourist stop, so maybe this is why Rick gives it a lower rating. Once a couple of buses pull in it can be difficult to see much inside. If you don't get there early it's hard to get a photo of the place without a mob of tourists around it as the site is not very big.

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We were there many years ago and even then we loved it! We like to take our time exploring the places we visit and as you say if one does that you come away with a vastly enriched experience. I think it deserves 2.

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Travel reviews are like all reviews, simply put, it is only one person's opinion, even if it is Rick Steves. It's not fact. We were there in May 2015. I thought the view of the castle and it's surrounds is quite spectacular.

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I agree with the other replies that Eilean Donan Castle is worth seeing. I visited it last September and enjoyed my tour very much. It's in a beautiful location on a promontory overlooking a lake, has a very interesting history, and the docents and signage were very helpful. And there is a nice visitor center with a café not far from the parking lot. The castle is definitely worth two or three triangles.