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Scandinavia tour July 2022

I have just finished the RS Scandinavia tour and wanted to let the forum members know my thoughts. This is our 8th Rick Steves tour and in spite of all the craziness going on in the world in general, it was outstanding. Sweden, Denmark and Norway are each different but tied together by their shared history. Let me get started:

Stockholm: I liked the city, it is very clean and people were friendly, took a lunch cruise before the tour started and you get a feel for the fact that the city consists of hundreds of islands. The pickled herring is an “acquired taste”!

Copenhagen: Busy urban culture, open face sandwiches everywhere, on our city walking tour the guide arranged for a actor to meet us and he gave a 40 min.performance, dressed in 18th century clothing and top hat, on Hans Christian Andersen and he told about the fables he wrote and the story’s behind them along with his life. The presentation was excellent and the group was spell bound. While there, several of us did a tour of the Rosenborg Palace, I recommend that you do this in your free time, it is very interesting.

Aero Island: I have to say that this was a highlight, the island is right out of a Walt Disney movie, it was relaxing and the traditional Christmas dinner we had was really tasty!

Oslo: This was my favorite city, the Norwegians take the idea of “going green” very seriously,. The city has flowers planted along all the streets and there are parks everywhere, you felt close to nature even in the middle of the town. We visited a park that is made up of hundreds of statues by a local artist that depicted daily life and it was quite moving.

Cruise on the Fjord: This was an amazing day, we drove over a mountain pass and scenery was like a postcard, then we boarded a boat and overdosed on beautiful waterfalls on the high walls surrounding us.

Overall, this tour exceeded my expectations, our guide Gabriella was excellent, knowledgeable, just fun to be with, she brought so much energy to the group. The hotels and dinners were great. One thing that made this tour different was that I didn’t bring any cash, you just don’t need it, everything is paid for with credit card. In fact, most of the time I used my Apple Watch (Apple pay) so I didn’t even get my credit cards out of my money belt.

We had to connect through Amsterdam so carry-on luggage (our preferred mode of travel) is the way to go this year due to the airport dysfunction with lost baggage. Lastly, after two years of being unable to travel due to Covid, it felt so liberating to load my clothes in the back pack and travel through Europe again!!

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From you and Judy and everyone who has done it, the sense comes through loud and clear - this is a fabulous tour. I am so glad you all had a great time !!

I am taking off via train tomorrow for Copenhagen -- after a 24-hour stop in Cologne to break up the journey and see friends, I will arrive late Sunday night and spend the week touring around with my brother and his family. I am getting so excited !! On the metro now for my last day of work before departing tomorrow!!

So glad you could do carry-on and avoid the mess at AMS.

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Absolutely love reading this trip report as this is a tour I really want to take. Thank you for posting!

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I’m so happy you loved this tour, it is very special. And you had Gabriella as your guide - she was our guide too! She’s a star in the Rick Steves guide pantheon.
It was my 8th tour, too. I’m booked for number 9 next April, the Best of South England. It feels exhilarating to be traveling again

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How fun to read this trip report! My husband and I just signed up for Scandinavia for September 2023. Really looking forward to it. In the meantime, we are going on My Way Italy in October. Can’t wait to get back out into the world.

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Thanks for your trip report, as we are taking this tour next month. Who was your city walking tour in Copenhagen with?

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Can you be cautiously “stoked”? I start this tour Tuesday and leaving Sunday…….thanks for the report… 10th RS……..again, thank you!!!

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Donald, I’m sorry that I am late reading your tour report. It sounds like another great tour. I saw your pictures on Facebook. It looked like you and Bonnie had some beautiful weather. Where are you headed next?

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I see that beginning in 2023 the overnight ferry to Oslo Has been replaced with a bus ride along the Swedish coast and overnight stay at a coastal village. Anyone know why the overnight ferry to Oslo has been removed from the itinerary? We were looking forward to that.