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RS shoutout in Italy

When I was in Ravenna, talking with the host of my B&B, he (very flatteringly) remarked that I seemed well-informed (❤️). So, I responded that I participate in the Rick Steves Travel Forum, and have learned a great deal from it. This is my 1000th post - whoohoo! - and just wanted to thank everyone who has helped me learn, either directly or indirectly.

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Congratulations and thank you for your valuable contributions!

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1000 - yeah!

I really enjoyed a couple of days in Ravenna - amazing mosaics and friendly town! I would love to return.

I agree with you. I've received wonderful help from other forum members, especially about the smaller towns that typically don't make the top list in guidebooks. In return, I'm always glad to help others. Right now I have some retired friends in Venice who I helped create their dream vacation. Seeing their Facebook photos just makes my day!

I think this forum attracts people who continually want to learn more and it shows when we travel. That's probably why so many of us say that we love the planning process - exciting research & discoveries to create a great itinerary.

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What a compliment! Congrats on the 1000! We do all help each other become smarter travelers.

I suspect that many hostelers encounter clueless travelers who do little research and he was delighted to meet someone who cared enough to self-educate.