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Rome to Munich and between Itinerary

I need some ideas on itinerary from Rome to Munich via train.
We have looked at various options including the night train but feel we'd like the trip to be broken up like this.
Day 1 Morning: Leave Rome
Day Travel most of trip
Day 2 Morning: Arrive in Munich

Current best options is Rome-Innsbruck, Stay in Innsbruck and then Innsbruck to Munich the next day. Following this same line can someone recommend a different stop along the route? I've read that Innsbruck isn't really that special and perhaps there is somewhere else nearby we can stop for the afternoon/night and get up and go to Munich the next day.

I'll add we really don't want to get off a train and take a car anywhere.

Thanks !

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Since Innsbruck is only a little over 2 hours from Munich, I might just suck it up and go all the way from Rome to Munich in the same day. Yes, 9 hours on a train is a lot, but train travel to me is also part of the vacation. You can nap, have a picnic, read, write in a journal - all while watching the scenery go by. This way you'll only have one travel day and not have to do an extra check in/check out of a hotel. You could leave Rome at 9:15 and arrive in Munich at 6:21pm.

However, if you do prefer to break up the train trip, another option would be Verona (a bit over 5 hours to Munich) or Bolzano (about 4 hours from Munich).

P.S. You've posted this in the Trip Reports section, which is normally where people write about the trips they've already taken. I think you'll get more responses if you post this is a different section.

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I like both of Dawn's ideas. Verona is very nice and makes a good day, and Bolzano has the unusual Italian-German mix and the memorable Iceman museum (it doesn't just have the man himself; it has explanations of the various Ages like Stone, Copper, and Bronze, as well as things like the many layers of clothing he was wearing - fascinating!).