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Rome - St. Paul "Outside-the- Walls" Review

For Christian Pilgrims in Rome with a little extra time on their schedules, I want to offer this review. This pilgrimage Church, I believe is often overlooked due to its location and the fact that the Church structure is newer compared to many other Rome Churches. However, it is quick and easy to get to and it has the actual tomb of St. Paul. A person can actually access the tomb area easily and say a few prayers completely undisturbed at the tomb if one wishes.
Just go to the metro station across the street from the Colosseum. The metro will quickly shoot you out to the site in about 15 minutes. (About 3-4 stops away). Get out and look for the McDonald's. The Church is right across the street from McD. Have lunch and use the restroom at McD. The bathrooms at the Church are near the gift shop, just outside to the side of the Church. Make a small euro donation for church restrooms.
There is a Christian joke that Christianity could exist without St. Peter. Christianity might even exist without Christ himself. But, Christianity could not exist without St. Paul. So, let's give this great apostle his due respect. This place is a peaceful oasis compared to St. Peter's. You could probably even get away with rolling bowling balls down its aisles - there are so few people there. A couple of lovely women were doing Latin chant in one of the beautiful side chapels and others were pleased to hear them and gave them their space for singing.

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Great info on this basilica, which is often overlooked. There is a small part of the building that is original (not destroyed in the 19th-century fire).

Never heard that Christian joke, but I guess we would be Paulians - but what would Paul have written about? (I know, I don't have much of a sense of humor.)

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Well, it's no wonder there are few visitors if people are rolling bowling balls down the aisles. What other churches in Rome allow bowling?