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Rome-Sorrento-Paris, Part 5 (Positano & eating solo)

Day 2 Sorrento & Positano: Part of the early morning was spent doing laundry at the place just up the hill from Ulisse. Mistake! I should have taken RS advice to get started early to line up for the coastline bus. Consequently, my plan to travel all the way to Ravello in a day was not going to happen, as I didn't get on a bus until 11:30. However, saying that, I did spend a very pleasant day in Positano with a young gal from Cambridge. Positano – loads of steep hillside walkways and more shopping than anybody could possibly want. I loved the look of Positano and the wonderful views from the top of the hill, but all the shops were too much for me. Dinner tonight was at Inn Bufalito in Sorrento. I waited 1 hour for my table, even though I was on a list. Yes, I could have made reservations but it didn't seem to matter for the people who did have reservations. It may be somewhat unfair to say this, but I don't think so; I had the feeling they didn't want to seat me since I was a single top thinking maybe I wouldn't spend as much money. However, I noticed a couple sitting next to me shared every dish they ordered and didn't have appetizers or drinks. So, in the end, I spent more on my meal. Traveling solo I do come across this unfairness every now and then. For the most part though, I let it ride. Possibly I was too tired and starving to be patient. The food (green salad w/fresh mozzarella buffalo and tuna was excellent with a side of their homemade crispy bread; the gnocchi tasty too). I believe the tasty food made up for the wait in the end.

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