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Rome is busy!

Not sure if it’s like this in other big cities but Rome is packed! Just returned from there yesterday and I was stunned!

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It was jam packed when we were there just before COVID too. It’s a major city so I expected that.

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I have been to Rome twice -- 1994 and 2022 -- and it's always that way. Strangely, I don't generally find it to be off-putting; I find it to be vibrant. There is real street life in European cities, while many American cities are ruled by cars, commerce and guns.

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Our first trip there was the 3rd week of October in 2014 and it was hot 30°C and crowded. I suspect it's one of those places that always has been and always will be.

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We were in London, Athens, Florence and Rome the first of June, 2023. We were herded around like cattle.

After 20+ trips to Europe, I'm about through with big touristy cities. There are plenty of smaller towns without the crowds that I've not visited 4-5 times. I feel the same way about big U.S. cities as we don't travel domestically any longer.

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It took me a long time to finally get to Rome, late April of this year, my first visit to the Continent after covid. I paired it with my beloved and familiar Budapest—the perfect city to relax and recoup my energy after the madness of Rome…while I saw incredible things and everything went as planned, I felt I had to work really hard for my enjoyment.

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Ehhh... a friend of mine talked me into planning a trip to Rome that will include Easter weekend next year. I have a feeling I'm going to learn about Rome being packed. When I was there in May 2015, it didn't seem bad at all.