Rome HIghlights and a couple lower ones

Four of us, women of a "certain age," have just returned from one month in Italy and France. In this report, we'd like to share a few of our highlights and some not such high ones. We begin in Rome with a seamless trip from the airport via a driver provided through our apartment owner. What a relief not to have to try to read a map, look for street signs, worry about buses or trains at the end of that long flight from the Pacific Northwest. One of our highest highlights was Ilaria, our tour guide for the Colosseum and Forum who met us at our apartment and walked us the few blocks to our starting point. She adjusted to our pace, knew how to find shortcuts and elevators, and provided a lively commentary that brought those stones to lfe. One lowlight was a taxi driver who tried the 5 euro swap for the 20 euro bill and then locked us in his taxi when we did not want to pay more. Fortunately we had a few other drivers who were decent, helpful, and honest. Another highlight was the catacombs of Priscilla: smaller, less touristy, with beautiful frescoes. As former teachers we enjoyed the teens who were touring with their teachers as well as we admired the teachers who led the young people. Although 100+ cardinals put off our tour of the Sistine Chapel, we enjoyed the small church of St. Praxedes with its glittering mosaics and gently fading frescoes. In another part of town, we wondered how many folks ever visited Bernini's elephant porting Kircher's obelisk before entering the church Santa Maria sopra Minerva. Another favorite was our neighborhood church of San Clemente with centuries and levels of religious practices of many different peoples. After running into a few more cardinals with press in tow at some other churches we wanted to visit, we walked on to Termini to head on to Assisi.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Sue that's horrible about that taxi driver who tried to rip you off, people like him really p*ss me off. I would have asked him to call the police! I hope you post more about your trip!

Posted by Sue
Portland, OR, USA
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After Rome watch for Assisi. Much better taxi drivers!

Posted by Charlie
Celina, Ohio, USA
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Totally agre with you about San Clemente. A real hidden gem not that far from all the Roman "biggies" - Colloseum, Forum, etc. It is a real trip down into Roman history, literally.