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Rome food tour supplement

I had to split my first posting and forgot to add the deleted part to Rome Food Tour 2, so here it is.
After the deli, we went around the corner to a tabla calda, a buffet cafe, for pizza. The pizza maker explained the difference between Roman pizza and Neopolitan and how they choose the different toppings - no Hawaiian pizza here! I am not a pizza lover, but this was good - thin crisp crush and not overloaded with cheese. A quick look at the rest of the food that was just being laid out showed a apppetizing ion of fresh food and pastas. After that a walk was in order and we headed to the Protestant cemetery and the Pyramid of Calo Cestia.There is a cat sanctuary in the area surrounding the Pyramid and we caught glimpses of them in the long grass. Some kids were taking dishes of food so some of us made a donation to the kitty fund.

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Hi Leslie, Thanks for your report. Four of us took this tour in May while the old market was still in operation. Loved every minute and bite of it. Sounds like some of the tastings were from the same businesses and some were different but it's a great Roman neighbourhood to discover. BTW, there is a great pizza place in Victoria (Cook St. Village) called Prima Strada and it has special recognition of it's authenticity from an association in Naples. We'll be enjoying a pie this weekend. Also, there is a cheese producer up island in Courtenay called Natural Pastures that makes Mozzarella de Bufalo from milk produced by water buffalo herd in Duncan. Not quite as good as Lazio's but the best that I've tasted here. I think that Thrifty's carries some. So when you return home you can still have some great pizzas, Caprese salads etc. to remind you of Italy. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Ciao, Sherry

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I really enjoyed reading your post. This food tour sounds like it would be not only delicious, but totally out of the ordinary. I think I gained a few pounds reading this!